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Student Driver Stickers - Removable, Non-Magnetic, New Driver Signs For Cars & Windows - Cute Pink

Student Driver Stickers - Removable, Non-Magnetic, New Driver Signs For Cars & Windows - Cute Pink

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No Magnets!

Yes—these are stickers. Removable non magnetic student driver stickers for your car to be exact. No magnets or metal required. We're talking top-quality, American-made waterproof vinyl stickers. Just peel and stick anywhere on your car or windows - no metal or finicky suction cups required. They're built from bubble-free vinyl, so you won't have to deal with those unsightly trapped bubbles that make it look like your teen begrudgingly slapped them on. And the best part? When your student driver finally gets their driver's license, these stickers are 100% removable, leaving no paint damage or sticky residue behind on whatever's left of your car. Stick 'em on. Peel 'em off. Done. It's as simple as that. Proudly made in the good ol' USA.

  • 🚗 STICKERS (NOT MAGNETS) - Much of the surface area of your vehicle is made from nonmagnetic material, and we're not just talking windows. Magnets require metal to stick, which is a big problem for student driver car magnets.
  • 🚗 100% REMOVABLE - Made from our favorite bubble-free vinyl that goes on flat as a pancake, leaving no pockets of air trapped underneath—your stickers will look like a pro installed them. And when it's time for graduation, they'll peel right off without leaving any sticky residue or damage to your paint.
  • 🚗 WATERPROOF - Rain or shine there's no excuse to skip a driving lesson. These student driver signs will withstand whatever nature throws at them—even a car wash, for that matter.
  • 🚗 QUANTITY DISCOUNTS - Take advantage of our discounted multi-packs & cover the car sides, back, front, or multiple cars if you can handle your teen taking the nice car out for a spin. Yikes!
  • 🇺🇸 MADE IN THE USA - Cut from American-made vinyl, we design, print & package all our student driver stickers in-house. That means a whole bunch of work for us but no skimping on quality for you—just durable, reliable stickers you can trust.