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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

(We aren’t trying to insult your intelligence, our lawyers told us we had to put this here)

1. Prepare the Surface

sticker instructions - step 1

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for balance (again, it’s our lawyers) and buff that blank space to a shine. Once it’s so clean that you could eat off of it, fawn over your reflection in the cleaned surface until it feels awkward.

2. Strip Us Down

sticker instructions - step 2

Go ahead and peel off that white layer slowly and show our backside to the world. Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?

3. Put Us In Our Place

sticker instructions - step 3

Grab us at both ends and bring your hands together slightly so we dip in the middle with the sticky side facing away from you. Lock onto your target and put that dip on the bullseye. Once contact is made, spread us out from the middle to the edges. Smooth out any areas that don’t sit flush with a rolling pin. Just kidding. Use the edge of your palm or that credit card you meant to cut up 6 months ago.

4. Bask in the Glory & Let the World Know About It

sticker instructions - step 4

Now it’s time for some show and tell. So, dust off that selfie stick, snap some photos and write a review to share with the world how your life has changed since we showed up. We know it’s tough, but fight the urge to take your shirt off.