Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

(We aren’t trying to insult your intelligence, our lawyers told us we had to put this here)

For Most Stickers

Step 1
Sticker Installation Instructions - Step 1

1. Prepare the Surface

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart for balance (again, it’s our lawyers) and buff that blank space to a shine. Once it’s so clean that you could eat off of it, fawn over your reflection in the cleaned surface until it feels awkward.

Step 2
Sticker Installation Instructions - Step 2

2. Strip Us Down

Go ahead and peel off that white layer slowly and show our backside to the world.

Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?

Step 3
Sticker Installation Instructions - Step 3

3. Put Us In Our Place

Grab us at both ends and bring your hands together slightly so we dip in the middle with the sticky side facing away from you. Lock onto your target and put that dip on the bullseye. Once contact is made, spread us out from the middle to the edges. Smooth out any areas that don’t sit flush with a rolling pin. Just kidding. Use the edge of your palm or that credit card you meant to cut up 6 months ago.

Step 4
Sticker Installation Instructions - Step 4

14. Bask in the Glory & Let the World Know About It

Now it’s time for some show and tell. So, dust off that selfie stick, snap some photos and write a review to share with the world how your life has changed since we showed up.

We know it’s tough, but fight the urge to take your shirt off. Our email is

For Reusable Stickers

Reusables are awesome. You can put them on, take them off, reposition them and even wash them if they get dirty. Installing is as simple as it gets - clean the surface, stick them on and smooth them out with your hand. That's it, you're done.

You want to be a little more cautious when removing them to avoid damaging any of their corners or edges. So instead of prying them up with your fingernails, use a credit card at about a 15-degree angle, and slowly and gently slide it under a corner. With enough lifted up, grab the sticker with the other hand and peel the whole thing off.

This same method can be used for our car magnets too.

For Specific Products

Student Driver Removable & Reusable Stickers

The material these are made from is probably the most fun to work with as you literally can't go wrong when installing them.

They're bubble-free, meaning air pockets won't get trapped under the sticker as you apply them. They can be used over and over again. And if their sticking ability starts to fade, give them a wash and they'll be just as good as the day you first peeled them off their backing paper. Perfectionists rejoice.

On first impression, you may think they're paper-thin and delicate but after you peel them off you'll notice they're actually thicker than you thought and made of a tough plasticky material that doesn't stretch or break if pulled and played with. Keep the backing liner paper they were attached too as it can come in handy for storage when not in use.

Now try sticking them on something - a door, microwave, or the screen you're reading this on—anything relatively smooth will do. Not the carpet, dummy. Notice how they literally suck themselves onto the surface. Remember, there's no glue here, so just peel them back off and repeat until bored. If you're anything like me, that might take a while.

Now, with that out of your system, let's get serious. It's time to apply them to your car.

Ok, basic hygiene first. Do a quick clean of the area you want to put them on: a window, door, front, side, rear, whatever. Nothing major, just wipe away any obvious dirt and dust where the sticker will go. Avoid using chemicals, and if you need water, just dry it up before continuing. Once ready, grab your sticker, get it into position, apply, and smooth it out with your hands. That's it—you're done. No need for any squeegee thing, Sticker is on and you're ready to rock and roll. Head on out and enjoy the lesson.

Your new student stickers won't be falling off in the wind, even at highway speeds, so when you get back home you'll need to take them off manually.

As you remove them, avoid prying with your fingernails as you don't want to crease or crumple the edges. Instead, grab a credit card from your mom's room and slowly and gently slide it under one of the corners at about a 15-degree angle (that means not steep). When the corner lifts, grab it with your other hand and peel the whole thing off. Done.

Store them however you think works best - stick them on something clean, or put them back on their liner paper ready for the next adventure. If they get dirty, just wash in the sink with regular soap and water like you would your hands, shake off the excess water and dry them with something that won't leave a bunch of lint or paper remnants behind.

There's not much that can go wrong with these stickers. Just the obvious, like avoid creasing or melting them. Other than that, have some fun seeing what they stick to and what they don't. It's kind of addictive.

I hope you enjoy your new stickers as much as we do. And keep us posted if you come up with any cool or new ideas to use them for. We love photos too!