We Noticed You Staring & Thought We’d Introduce Ourselves

We Noticed You Staring

We are Stickios. And no, we’re not a cereal brand.

We make stickers. Stickers for those blank spaces on a car bumper, window, laptop, guitar, your roommate’s face because he passed out on the couch again. The options are limitless.

And since we brought it up, we aren’t talking about those “Save the Whales” or “Proud Parent of...” stickers. The whales are fine. And I’ve met their kid. He’s a monster. No, we’re talking about original, high-quality, 🇺🇸 American-made products you can trust.

That's right, our stickers are made of the strong stuff. They’re built to last. They turn something boring into something extraordinary. You know, like your cousin’s epic mullet.

So, buckle up and welcome to the family.