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Removable Reusable Non-Magnetic Student Driver Stickers

Removable Reusable Non-Magnetic Student Driver Stickers

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  • ✓ These are NOT Magnets - magnets require metal to stick. Most car front & rears are not made of metal so that's a big problem for student driver car magnets
  • ✓ Stick Anywhere - they're stickers but they're not. They don't use glue and they're not static clings. Instead, they're made of a patented material you can stick anywhere on your car or windows
  • ✓ Removable, Reusable & Washable - no more humiliation between lessons. Simply take them off. If they get dirty, just wash with soap & water and they'll be good as new, ready for the next lesson
  • ✓ 100% Waterproof - rain or shine there's no excuse to skip a lesson. These student driver signs will withstand whatever nature throws at them—even a car wash, for that matter
  • ✓ Multi-Pack Discounts - take advantage of our discounted multi-packs & cover the car sides, back, front, or multiple cars if you can handle your new driver taking the nice car out for a spin

No Magnets, Adhesive, Static Clings, or Suction Cups. So, What Are They?

Sure—a big, bright & easy to read student driver sign is a no-brainer, but you also want something easily removable, reusable & can stick anywhere on your car. Sounds simple but that's actually a big ask for the products you're currently browsing.

Let's start with student driver magnets for cars. You see those architecturally appealing bumpers that seamlessly blend into the front & back of your car? Well, those are plastic. Magnets don't stick to plastic. And the rest of the car rear is typically made of non-metallic composite material. Magnets need metal to work. No metal, no rookie driver magnets for you.

Next up are student driver stickers. We love stickers. Even our name is Stickios. But the thing about stickers is that they stick. That's kinda their purpose. They stick & stay stuck. In other words, they're not reusable. So the novelty of sporting a large new driver decal in between lessons will soon wear off. Sadly, stickers are a no go.

So what's left, clings? Sure, those are great - we make those too. But they're limited to the inside windows in often difficult to reach areas, so those are a fail.

And don't get us started on student driver signs with suction cups. They dry up in the sun & fall into the abyss below only to reemerge weeks later with a bunch of crud attached. We don't make suction cup anythings.

So what can you do? Well, fret no more. Our new driver signs use a material that attaches itself to any smooth surface. Metallic or non-metallic, it doesn't matter. It's a bubble-free application so they'll look great with every use. They're fully removable & reusable, for as many times as it takes your budding student to master the highway. And the best part, you can wash them with regular soap & water and they'll be good as new, ready for your next white-knuckle lesson.

I'm not kidding when I say I'm excited. These student driver signs are awesome!

We think you'll love them too.

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